Chicken Biryani Recipe | Kolkata Chicken Biryani | Kolkata Style Chicken Dum Biryani

Kolkata Chicken Biryani

kolkata Chicken Biryani
kolkata Chicken Biryani


Chicken-500 gm.
Basmati rice-350 gm.

To prepare the marinade

Onion paste-2 tbsp.
Yogurt-4 tbsp.
Ginger paste-1 tsp.
Garlic paste-1 tbsp.
Biryani masala-1/2 tsp.
Kashmiri red chili powder-1 tsp.
Salt -1 tsp.
Hard boiled egg-4 nos.
Boiled potatoes-2 nos.
Saffron-2 pinches
Saffron food color-2 drops
Sliced onion-1 cup(to prepare beresta)

To prepare chicken gravy

Oil-2 tbsp.
Ghee/Clarified butter-1 Tsp.
Whole garam masala(2 cardamoms,3 cloves cinnamon)
Salt(according to test)
Kewra water-1 tsp.
Biryani masala-1/2 tsp.

For Layering

Ghee/Clarified Butter(1/4+1/2+1/2 tsp)
Kewra water(1/2+1/2 tsp)
Rose Water(1/2 +1/2 tsp)
Mitha Attar(6-7 drops)
Biryani masala(1/2+1/2 tsp)
Saffron Soaked milk
Prep. Time-60 min.                 Cook Time-60 min.                Servings-4
kolkata Chicken Biryani
kolkata Chicken Biryani

How To Make Kolkata Style Chicken Biryani

By following these easy steps, you can prepare a perfect Kolkata Style Chicken Biryani.


Take 500 gm. chicken leg or breast piece. Into this add 2 tbsp. onion paste, Add 1 tbsp. garlic paste adds 1 Tsp. ginger paste, add 4 tbsp. whisked yogurt, add 1/2 tsp. homemade biryani masala, Add 1 tsp. Kashmiri red chili powder. Add 1 tsp. salt. Mix very well. Now marinate the chicken for 30 minutes to 1 hour into the refrigerator.


Soak 2 cups or 350 gm. basmati rice for 30 minutes. Boil enough water to cook the rice. Into this add 2 tsp. salt. Then add soaked rice. Add whole garam masala, and cook the rice until 80% done. It will take 8-10 minutes to cook the rice perfectly. Stir occasionally while cooking the rice. Once done, drain the water and divided them into 2 equal portions.


Meanwhile, boil 4 eggs and 2 big size potatoes by cutting into halves. Add 2 pinches of saffron into 2 tbsp. warm milk. Add 2 drops of saffron food color (optional). Mix well and keep it aside.


Now add 2 tbsp. oil into a pan. Once the oil is heated, add boiled potatoes, fry them lightly and keep them aside. Now add 1 cup sliced onion, fry them until becoming deep brown in color and keep them aside. In the same oil, add 1 tsp. ghee/ clarified butter, Add whole garam masala and sauté for few seconds. Now into the pan, add marinated chicken. Cook the chicken on medium heat for 10 minutes.


After cooking for 10 minutes add some salt, add ½ tsp. homemade biryani masala powder. Mix well, cover the pan and cook on low heat for another 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, open the lid and stir well. Add fried potatoes. Add one tsp. kewra water, mix well and switch off the flame.

All the preparation are done, now let’s start layering the biryani.


Take a clean pan, add few drops of clarified butter and spread it evenly. Add half on the cooked rice for the first layer. For the second layer, add chicken pieces, gravy, and potatoes. Sprinkle some fried onions,1/4 tsp. biryani masala, Saffron soaked milk,1/2 tsp. rose water,1/2 tsp. kewra water,1/2 tsp. ghee/clarified butter. For the third layering, add the rest of the cooked rice. Add boiled eggs. Spread the rest of the saffron milk over it.sprinkle fried onions, 1/4 tsp. biryani masala, 1/2 tsp. rose water,1/2 tsp. kewra water,5-6 drops of mitha attar,1 tsp. ghee.


To seal the steam, put wheat dough around the biryani pan. Close the lid tightly. Hear a tawa, put the biryani pot over the tawa and cook on lowest heat for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, switch off the flame and let the biryani rest another 10-5 minutes. After that open the lid carefully. Delicious Kolkata chicken biryani is ready to serve. Serve with raita and salad.T o get the latest update please Subscribe and click on the bell icon, to know more click here.
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