Chinese Pakoda Recipe

Chinese Pakoda

Chinese Pakoda
Chinese Pakoda


All-purpose flour (Maida)-1 cup
Suji (Semolina)-1 Cup 
Corn flour-1 & ¼ Cup
Carrot (Finely Chopped)-1 no’s
Spring onions-1 cup
Cabbage-2 cup
Red chili sauce-2 tbsp.
Soya sauce-1 tbsp.
Tomato sauce-1 tbsp.
Ginger chili paste-2 tbsp.
Garlic chili  paste-2 tbsp.
Soda bicarbonate-1/4 teaspoon.
Vinegar-1 tsp. 
A pinch of red color (Optional)
Salt as per taste
Prep. time-20 min.                            Cook time-20 min.                                  Servings-3

How To Make Chinese Pakoda


First of all, take all the ingredients as per the mentioned quantity like cabbage, spring onions, carrot (finely chopped), garlic chili paste, ginger chili paste, red chili sauce, tomato sauce, soya sauce, salt as per taste, vinegar, A pinch of red color (Optional). Mix it very well.


Now add all-purpose flour (Maida),corn flour & suji(Semolina). Mix it well. Mash the stuffing and form dough. Add some water as required. The dough is ready. Add soda bicarbonate in the mixture.


Now apply some oil on your palm and make balls from the dough.turn on the flame then heat a pan add vegetable oil. First, fry them high flame and later on medium flame. Keep flipping them in between. Chinese pakoda are fried well. Fry the rest of the pakodas in a similar way. Chinese pakoda are ready to be served. They have turned out really crispy and tasty. Serve with your favorite sauce. To get the latest update please Subscribe and click on the bell icon, to know more click here.
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