Chicken Peri Peri Recipe | Piri Piri Chicken Recipe | Peri Peri African Chicken Recipe

Chicken Peri Peri

Chicken Peri Peri
Chicken Peri Peri/Piri Piri Chicken
Peri-Peri, otherwise called the African Bird's Eye Chili, is the way to our unbelievable, fire flame broiled Peri-Peri chicken. It's developed in the African soil, so the enchantment begins starting from the earliest stage. It tastes stunning, yet the advantages don't stop there. Peri-Peri stew seeds are wealthy in Vitamins A, B, and C.They additionally have capsaicin, which upgrades state of mind: your students widen, your metabolic rate increments, and there's a surge of endorphins when you devour it! Peri-Peri is a characteristic additive that keeps us from adding bizarre or unnatural fixings to our sauces.


Chicken 1.5/2 kg (medium pics.)
Onion 1 pc.
Tomatoes-3 pc.
Ginger Paste-1 Tbsp.(or take some small pieces)
Garlic paste-2 Tbsp.
Red chilly 15-20
Green chilies 2 Nos.
1 lemon juice
Sal as to taste
Green chilly 2 pcs
Peri-peri masala(peri-peri Sauce Optional)
Vegetable oil for fry
Pure Ghee

Prep.Time-25 Min.|Cook Time- 20 |Min.Servings- 4

How To Make Chicken Peri -Peri


Add onion, 1  tomato, and red chilies, oil 2 tsp in a mixer. Make a paste of it in the mixer, then add ginger in this paste, add 2 tomatoes, 2 green chilies, 1 lemon juice, add salt to taste and mix it in the mixer, run the mixer once again.


After that Add garlic paste 2 tbsp and mix it well. then  Add this masala in this chicken also add Peri-peri masala 1 tbsp. Add pure ghee 2tbsp. Mix the chicken with this paste very well.


Burn 1 charcoal .place a small vessel in the chicken and put the charcoal in the vessel, add pure ghee on the charcoal 1 tsp and close the lid for 10 Minutes. After 10 minutes open the lid, remove the charcoal from the chicken.


Turn on the flame then heat a pan & Add pure ghee on the pan 2 tbsp. fry this chicken in the pan, close the lid and let it cook for few minutes. After a few minutes turn the chicken on the other side to cook close the lid and let it cook on the slow flame, turn from all the sides and cook it for few minutes. After a few minutes, chicken Peri-peri is ready, Sprinkle red paprika on it & serve hot. This recipe is also known as Piri Piri chicken. To get the latest update please click on the bell icon and to know more click here.
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