Cheese Garlic Toast Recipe | Cheese Garlic Toast Bread

Cheese Garlic Toast Bread

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Cheese Garlic Toast
Cheese Garlic Toast


White bread slice-2
Garlic (finely chopped)-4
Chili flakes-1/4tbsp
Prep. Time- 10 Min.
Cook Time-10 Min.

How To Make Cheese Garlic Toast Bread


To make cheese garlic toast, I am heating a pan on low flame. Add little butter as soon as pan starts heating, I am using 1 tsp. of butter here. Add finely chopped garlic along with butter, I have an using 4 garlic cloves here, lets cook garlic a bit.


Keep the flame low, if the flame is high or pan is too hot, butter and garlic may get burnt. Tawa is getting hot, so, we will switch off the flame and let the garlic cook, mix it very well. Now we will put bread on the pan, we will spread garlic and butter on the pan before putting the pieces of bread on it, spread it in the area which bread would cover. Now put the bread slices on it.


I’m using 2 bread slices, we will put it & press it gently. Apply a little butter on the other side of the bread. Do Remember We had switched off the flame, we must switch off the flame once garlic is cooked a little and do this process while the flame is off.


Flip the bread and put the garlic chunks (which are on the sides) on the top of the bread. Now we will grate cheese, I am using mozzarella cheese. You may use any pizza cheese. Mozzarella cheese melts faster .while cooking on the pan, faster melting of cheese is important.


Grate the cheese; you may adjust the quantity of cheese based on your taste. Now, we will spread the cheese evenly; do remember flame is still off. I have spread the cheese now, we will cover it and cook it for 2-2.5 minutes.


Switch on the flame & keep the flame lowest, cover it and let it cook. It has been 1.5 minutes; now I am removing the cover. Cheese has started melting; we will add little chili flakes now (optional).


I’m making 2 layers of cheese, you may make just one. Add the second layer of cheese after adding chili flakes. If you feel that bread is burnt from the bottom, the switch off the flame. I will cover it and cook it for a minute on low flame.


It has been total 2.5 minutes now, bread is perfectly toasted and cheese has melted properly we will switch off the flame now and take it out in a plate. You will have to do this process quickly. It's looking really delicious. I will flip it and check if it is toasted properly. Cheese garlic toast bread is ready now, let’s cut diagonally now. A good plating doubles the enjoyment of eating. It took us only 5 minutes to cook this and all the ingredients used are easily available in every household. To get latest update click here.
Cheese Garlic Toast
Cheese Garlic Toast
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